Bank of Pensacola

The Garcon Peninsula Mitigation Bank L.L.C. (GPMB) is Northwest Florida's first wetlands mitigation bank. This nearly 350 acre restoration project, permitted by both the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has been designed to restore and enhance a once vast pitcher plant prairie in the Blackwater River watershed. While the inherent value of this effort is provision of enormous ecological benefit to the Garcon ecosystem, it also provides an efficient solution to environmental regulatory compliance requirements associated with wetland permitting. Because mitigation banks, like the GMPB, result in very large areas of improved and perpetually managed ecosystems, they are heartily indorsed by the federal resource agencies (The Environmental Protection Agency, The Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Army Corps of Engineers, The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service) as the preferred method for offsetting permitted wetland impacts. 

Mitigation banking can be an ideal solution for any project involving jurisdictional wetlands. Anyone incurring an obligation to mitigate wetland impacts: Individuals, corporations, municipalities, county entities or state agencies, may find it exceedingly beneficial to utilize the Garcon Peninsula Mitigation Bank.

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